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Learn More About Swimming Kickboards

Premium Swimming Kickboards: Popular Pool Accessories

Browse kickboards from DICK'S Sporting Goods today and find the right model for your needs. Swimming kickboards are a popular pool accessory and can be found at many public pools. They provide extra buoyancy to help support your body in the water.

A kids' kickboard is often used by children who are just learning to swim. They are great for teaching the fundamentals of proper leg strokes, while providing flotation and a feeling of security.

An adult kickboard is usually slightly bigger and used by swimmers of all age levels to train. Focus on the mechanics of your leg kicks and shave seconds off of your personal best times with this versatile training gear.

Are you looking to make the most out of your time in the water? You will need the right equipment. Shop a diverse range of popular swim accessories from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Try New Exercises in the Pool with Adult & Kids' Kickboards

Whether you are a fitness fanatic, a competitive swimmer looking to break your school's records or just like splashing around with friends, a kickboard from DICK'S Sporting Goods can be a valuable and useful piece of gear. Explore kickboards from some of the industry's best brands that are designed to be:

  • Buoyant: First and foremost, kickboards need to float. They are made with exceptionally buoyant materials that will help keep you afloat while you train, practice or play.
  • Lightweight: A kickboard should be easy to handle in the pool. Constructed from lightweight foam, kickboards are easy to transport, easy to use and highly durable.
  • Comfortable to Grip: Do not worry about losing your grip. Choose a board with a textured area for better grip and focus on your fundamentals.

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