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Step Into the Ring with Kids' Boxing Gear

Both beginners and experienced young athletes will enjoy lightweight and comfortable kids' boxing gloves from this amazing selection at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Kids' boxing equipment is made to meet the same high standards you'd expect from adult boxing gear. Manufactured by some of the industry's most trusted companies, these incredible protective accessories and training gear will help your child reach their potential in the ring. Choose from mouthguards to keep teeth and lips safe, and padded compression shirts designed to mitigate the power of an opponent's punch.

Punching bags for kids are ideal for a spare corner in the home gym, or in a basement workout space. They're a great way for kids to burn off some extra energy, and can help children get excited about being active.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Like all sports, boxing requires solid fundamentals, quick reflexes, and both strength and conditioning. Your child will benefit from good coaching, encouragement, and training with this expertly engineered equipment. Here are some things they should keep in mind as they prepare to spar with a challenger:

  • Footwork is Key: Boxers who stay light on their feet can more easily dodge their opponent's blows, and deliver more power with their counterpunches.
  • Find a Rhythm: Jabs and hooks should come in quick bursts, with short pauses in between. Working out with a punching bag should sound like a drummer practicing.
  • Don't Skimp on Conditioning: The strongest boxer in the world won't last more than a few rounds if they lack stamina.

Shop today and stock up with the right equipment. With this fantastic gear, your child will safely enjoy this unique sport.

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