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Experience Incredible Vision and Protection

Browse this large selection of lacrosse goggles at DICK'S Sporting Goods and find the perfect pair for your game. This can be an extremely rough sport. Between aggressive stick-play and shots that can average over 70 mph, there's a lot of potential for injury. Women's lacrosse goggles from this collection are designed with three main goals in mind:

  • Provide Protection: Safety comes first with goggles for women's lacrosse.
  • Provide Excellent Vision: See the field well and help contribute to your team's victory.
  • Fit Comfortably: From the opening face-off to the final whistle, you'll love the firm, yet comfortable feel of these brilliantly designed goggles.

Don't be distracted by safety equipment that doesn't fit well. Focus all your energy on your teammates and your opponent. With the right protective goggles, you'll soon forget they're even there. Shop today and discover the right pair for you.

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