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Learn More About Lacrosse Heads

Meet Your Match: Learn More About Lacrosse Heads

Unleash your best performance with an ultra-durable, ultra-lightweight lacrosse head. Outfit your lax stick with an unstrung lacrosse head, or pick up a pre-strung head-a great option for those new to the fastest game on two feet.

Mix and match for your game, pairing a lightweight lacrosse handle with an advanced head. Shop lacrosse head systems that provide a greater degree of ball control or accuracy on passes and shots. Some models of lacrosse heads are built specially for your skill level-choose equipment designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

Discover the lacrosse head you're looking for from popular lacrosse brands, like Warrior®, STX® and Brine®.

The anatomy of your lacrosse stick includes a scoop at the uppermost tip, a ball-stop and sidewall for control, a throat that connects the head to the handle and a pocket.

Lacrosse heads come with either a traditional woven pocket or a mesh pocket—remember, heads can be purchased strung or unstrung.

Mesh pockets are the most commonly used—they're made of nylon webbing woven into the side of the pocket, requiring little adjustment. Goalies tend to prefer mesh because it reduces rebounds.

Stiffer pockets allow for more accurate shooting and passing—but provide less control when you're running down field.

Ball control players should look for a moderately deep pocket, perfect for short passing and dodging. Fast-break players who pass the ball over long areas typically opt for a shallower pocket.

Keep in mind league regulations when selecting your lacrosse head—NCAA heads are legal under under NCAA rules, but are not permissible for NFHS or youth lacrosse.

Pita Pocket:

This pocket works the best for attack men and middies who like lots of whip and need ball control.

  • Four leathers
  • Two sidewalls
  • Four nylon strings (Two short, one medium, one long)
  • Four shooting strings (Three hockey lace, one nylon)

The Corner Pocket:

  • One soft mesh piece
  • Two leathers
  • Two short nylons
  • Three sidewalls
  • Shooting strings

The Hard Mesh Pocket:

  • This pocket is good for keeping whip at a minimum and playing in wet weather.
  • One durable mesh piece
  • Three sidewalls

The Perfect Pocket:

  • This pocket plays with little to no whip, and holds the ball tightly in one spot.
  • Four leathers
  • Five medium nylons

The Nine-Piece Mesh:

  • An all-purpose soft mesh pocket that is easy to string
  • One piece of soft mesh
  • Two sidewalls
  • Four hockey lace shooting strings
  • A long piece of regular shooting string
  • Short piece of cross lace or sidewall

Goalie Mesh:

  • The goalie version of the standard corner pocket
  • One piece of goalie mesh
  • Two sidewalls
  • Two medium nylons
  • Two regular shooting strings
  • One really long sidewall
  • Four long hockey laces