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Step onto the field with a quality-engineered lacrosse helmet.

The best lacrosse helmets blend lightweight fit, clear vision and undeniable protection. Select from a variety of helmet constructions, chin and visor configurations and other innovative features. Make your mark on the game with custom lacrosse helmets and choose from adult and youth models in a variety of hues and styles.

Lacrosse helmets should be inspected for damage before each use-always inspect the helmet for dents, scratches and any obvious external abrasions. When putting your helmet on, ensure that your chin strap is tightened so that there is no slack-your chin strap should always fit snugly before each game.

Your helmet should fit squarely on your head, with the front of the helmet approximately one finger above the width of your eyebrows. This fit ensures that the helmet is protecting both the forehead and the chin. Remember, a proper-fitting helmet should never cause headaches or soreness.

Looking for a lacrosse helmet brand? Try out Cascade® Lacrosse helmets featuring a revolutionary design with a heavy-duty steel facemask and a flexible, impact resistant outer shell.

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A proper-fitting lacrosse helmet is essential for your game.

Keep in mind details like multi-foam liner systems to absorb and disperse impact during play. Adjustable jaw pads enable you to contour and customize the fit of your helmet—most helmets are designed as one-size fits all.

The shell of your lacrosse helmet should feature a venting system for strategic breathability and facemask that allows for a natural field of view.

Keep in mind that a lacrosse helmet must be used for play—other sport helmets are typically illegal. Look for a helmet designated as approved by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment.

An improper fitting helmet tilts backward or forward on your head, causing your chin piece or bars to block your view.