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Learn More About Lacrosse Shafts

Learn More About Lacrosse Shafts

Get the edge you need on the field with the right lacrosse shaft that is built for your position.

Choose the lacrosse shaft that's right for your game—shafts are composed of materials including aluminum, titanium, scandium, alloys and woods.

Lacrosse shafts from brands like East Coast Dyes®, STX®, Warrior® and Nike®. Lacrosse shafts, sometimes referred to as "handles," are optimized for your position then shop for a lacrosse head to build your best complete stick. Find lacrosse shafts engineered for easy handling and a secure grip.

Explore the lacrosse shaft collection now. Find men's lacrosse shafts or women's lacrosse shafts and if you need a complete lacrosse stick, shop all lacrosse sticks.

In men's lacrosse, a short stick is used by both attack and midfield players. Its short length makes it easier to control—players can more easily dodge defenders and score in a "tight" situation." Long sticks are primarily used by defenders. This brand of stick is easier to poke check and keep offensive players farther away. Men's lacrosse handles are typically made of aluminum, graphite or a similar material.

Women's lacrosse stick shafts are composed of a variety of materials, including alloys and composites. When fully assembled, women's lacrosse sticks feature a shallower head.

Personal preference is a major buying factor—some players prefer heavier handles for defense, while attackers generally prefer a lighter, more agile shaft for maneuverability.

It's called the fastest sport on two feet—and you need the right shaft to keep pace.

By regulation, men's lacrosse sticks typically range between 40 and 72 inches, while women typically play with sticks between 36 to 44 inches. Defenders opt for longer sticks, while attackers and midfielders utilize shorter sticks. Youth players should select a stick that fits them regardless of position.