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Learn More About Lacrosse Sticks

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Find a lacrosse stick that delivers your game an edge.

It's called the fastest sport on two feet, and your lacrosse stick is your most essential tool: You need a shaft that can be easily gripped and wielded and a head that catches and cradles the ball.

Find men's lacrosse sticks and women's lacrosse sticks from the best lacrosse stick brands, like STX®, Brine®, and Nike®. Lacrosse sticks are available in a variety of materials and constructions-so you're sure to find the right fit for your game.

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Think about the components of your lacrosse stick when making your selection:


  • Most shafts are made of aluminum, titanium, scandium, alloys or carbon fiber composite.
  • They are usually octagonal and some come with texture to provide a better grip.
  • The open end of the hollow shaft must be covered with tape or an end cap made of rubber.
  • Titanium shafts are typically the strongest. Aluminum shafts usually are the most lightweight. Scandium shafts offer a balance between the two. Composite shafts stay at a consistent temperature outdoors.


  • Lacrosse sticks come with either a traditional woven pocket or a mesh pocket. Heads can be bought strung or unstrung.
  • When using a new lacrosse head, make sure the pocket is broken in before play.
  • Mesh pockets are the most commonly used pockets made of nylon webbing woven into the side of the pocket and require little adjustments.
  • A stiffer pocket is more accurate while shooting or passing, but gives less control while running and moving.
  • Traditional pockets consist of nylon laces woven around 4 adjustable leather straps which can adjust to fit any type of shot.
  • Pocket depth: deeper pocket provides more feel and ball control, while a shallower pocket gives you a quicker release.

Shooting Strings:

  • Shooting strings are positioned horizontally near the top of the stick's head, affecting the ball's balance and direction.
  • Three or four shooting strings are used to make a smooth path for the ball to run out of the pocket while Nylon strings are used for a "Crisper" feel.
  • The shooting strings determine whether your shot will have "whip," which determines the angle of the ball leaving the head. The more whip in your stick, the lower the ball goes when you throw it. Typically attack would want more whip.

Position matters. Find a shaft type that's built for your game.

  • Attackers and mid-fielders should opt for a titanium, aluminum alloy or composite stick in a soft octagon or concave shape. Shafts for these positions should be about 30 inches long.
  • Defensive players should look for a titanium, scandium or aluminum alloy shaft in a soft octagonal shape. Defensive players should play with a longer, 60-inch shaft.