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Betts Tyzac Cast Net
    Betts Tyzac Cast Net

    $29.99 - $89.99

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    Learn More About Fishing Nets: Landing, Bait & Cast

    Fishing Nets & Landing Nets for Your Next Outing

    Nab your game fish with the help of a quality fishing nets and landing nets. Find fishing nets designed for easy handling on the water - so fish never again evade your reach.

    Consider the different types of fishing nets available for your next outing. Landing nets are designed to capture a hooked fish in the water, while bait nets are used for catching bait in a holding tank or live well.

    Smaller, more compact models of landing nets are ideal for fly fishing, while larger nets are designed for netting sizeable game fish, like muskie. Browse a wide selection of fishing nets, bait nets and cast netting and seines. Shop all fishing tackle from brands like Ranger Nets® and Frabill®.

    You'll scoop up your catch or bait with ease using a net built for your game fish:

    • Rubber, non-coated and coated nylon are the most common materials used in fish netting. Netting is also available in knotted and knotless form. Choose coated nylon or rubber for a smooth, fish-friendly finish. Non-coated nylon and knotted netting can be abrasive, removing scales and protective slime from your game fish. Use non-coated netting for harvesting fish, and look for smoother materials for catch-and-release fishing
    • Consider the size of the mesh holes in your netting. Anglers fishing small, delicate fish should opt for tight, micro-mesh. Larger fish require larger mesh holes.
    • Are you fishing steelhead or crappies? Anglers after large fish should look for wide hoop and net, while smaller fish require a smaller net
    • A contoured handle helps you maintain tight grip during use. Most net handles are made from aluminum, fiberglass, wood or a composite material.

      Cast nets and seine nets are common methods for trapping bait. Cast nets are designed to be thrown over a school of bait fish. Look for a cast net with reinforced stitching and secured weights for easy use. A seine net is a piece of netting that extends between two pols. These nets are used for wading into streams or small pounds, with the net moved against the current to trap small bait.

      Landing and fishing nets with extendable handles provide extra utility on the water. For convenient storage an, look for a net that folds to fit easily in a storage locker.