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What to Look for in Louisville Slugger Bats

Consider the construction of your baseball bat:

Barrel Size is the measure of the bat's diameter. Generally, the longer the barrel, the larger the sweet spot. Many players choose a bat with a smaller diameter, which lightens weight for a faster swing speed. Barrel size requirements vary by league.

Taper is the diameter of the bat's handle. A standard tapering is 31/32nd of an inch. Some players prefer a narrower taper, which enables them to rotate their wrists while swinging.

Grip is the covering on the bat's handle. Rubber grips best absorb shock when the ball makes contact with the bat. Leather or synthetic leather comes with a tacky texture, which is ideal for getting a firm grip on your bat. If impact vibrations are a problem, try a grip with specialized cushion.

Drop is defined as the bat's length-to-weight ratio, and is denoted as a minus number. This figure indicates the amount of ounces a bat weighs less than the amount of inches in its length. Wood and slow pitch bats are not identified with a drop. Different leagues require different drops for legal play, so always consult your local regulations.

There are two essential factors when selecting the right bat for your game: your strength and your hitting style.

Youth players should choose a lightweight bat that helps them master their technique. Players at the NFHS or NCAA levels require a BBCOR-certified bat. Intermediate players should look for a light bat with an increase sweet spot, which helps them make better contact. Think about the materials used in the construction of your Louisville Slugger bat:

  • Aluminum alloy bats are designed with lighter, thinner walls for more "pop" off the bat. For extra power, go for a double layered bat.
  • Maple is a high-density material—and maple bats deliver the right blend of power and easy handling.
  • Birch baseball bats offer close-grained stiffness, yet with a lighter weight than maple.
  • Ash tends to flex rather than break on impact, creating a much larger sweet spot for the batter.
  • Composite alloy bats are built with lightweight material in the handle and durable aluminum alloy in the barrel. This material cuts down on vibrations, while still giving you a "pop" in the barrel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We recommend that you receive approval from your local league before removing the wrapper from your bat.