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Swing for the Fences with a Louisville Slugger Wood Bat

With Louisville Slugger wood bats from DICK'S Sporting Goods, you will have a modern spin on an iconic design. There is nothing quite like the crack of a wood bat on a baseball. Bring home Louisville Slugger youth wood bats and teach your kid the fundamentals of hitting. Louisville slugger wood baseball bats are available in sizes that are perfect for tee-ballers, little leaguers, high school athletes and adults. Step into the batters box with the very same gear that the pros use. Stare down the pitcher and wait for a good one to hit. Whether you are bunting a runner into scoring position or trying to tie the game with a monster blast into the outfield bleachers, you will enjoy playing with these premium bats.

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Choose the Right Bat Louisville Slugger Wood Baseball Bat/h4>

Are you a power hitter who loves crushing a homer? Perhaps you are a contact hitter who specializes in putting the ball in play and legging out a double. Either way, you will find Louisville wood bats from DICK'S Sporting Goods are expertly designed to help you get a hit when the game is on the line. Here are some things to think about when making your purchase:

  • Length: Do you want a longer bat that offers more power and better coverage over the outside of the plate or a shorter bat that os easier to control once you've started your swing?
  • Wood Type: Maple bats are favored by pros and have a little more "pop." Ash bats tend to have a bigger sweet spot and birch bats are somewhere in between.

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