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Step up your game with men's lacrosse sticks for goalies, defense, midfielders and more from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Complete men's lacrosse sticks are ready for play out of the box-constructed with a handle, head and pocket . Explore a variety of materials, stick shapes and lengths for the weapon that's right for your game.

Whether you're an attacker or defensemen, find the stick that delivers the right playable feel for your game. Shop the best men's lacrosse stick brands, like Nike®, Warrior® and STX®.

Stock up for the season with all lacrosse sticks or shop the full lacrosse equipment collection at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Position matters when selecting the right men's lacrosse stick for your game.

Attackers and midfielders need a lighter, more agile stick for making quick shots on goal. Look for titanium, aluminum alloy or composite materials in a soft, octagonal or concave shape.

Defensive players need a titanium, scandium or aluminum alloy shaft in an octagonal shape. Longer shafts are better suited for blocking and throwing harder checks. Men's lacrosse defensive sticks tend to be more rigid and durable than a shorter attack stick.

Lacrosse goalies typically use a stick length between that of an attacker and defense player. These sticks have a much wider head for defending the goal.

Your complete men's lacrosse stick features three basic parts: The shaft, head and pocket.

The shaft of your men's lacrosse stick is sometimes also called the handle. Shafts come in a variety of different materials, grips and lengths. Today, most are composed of lightweight, durable aluminum, titanium, metal alloys and similar materials.

The head of your lacrosse stick is the top portion that receives the ball. The dimensions of your head can have a dramatic difference on performance. Consult league regulations before making your purchase. Head sizes are dictated by the NFHS and the NCAA.

Your woven lacrosse pocket is the final major component of your stick. This is available in both a traditional and mesh configuration. The type of pocket you use can have a dramatic effect on the release and flight of your ball. Mesh pockets are most commonly used.