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Look good on the green with the right men's golf wedges from DICK'S Sporting Goods. This golf essential plays a huge role in your performance and we have an endless selection of wedges of every type and degree.

It's all about the right size to make your swing count every time you're on the course. Everyone from novice to seasoned players should examine their golf wedges to ensure strokes that show your skills. From skilled players to golf coaches and pros, a simple math method is used to give the player the ability to choose which wedge is needed at what time. Sand wedges provide the most bounce for a player. This allows them to move through the sand with ease and never get stuck or dig into the sand. For newbie players, this is ideal as it gives clear and easy movement that improves with practice.

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Expert Advice

Approach wedges are the same as gap wedges. This style of wedge fits between a pitching wedge and sand wedge. This tool gives a steeper angle for ascent. There is no discernible difference between these various types, the terminology is for marketing purposes only. You will find different major companies such as Callaway and TaylorMade all have their own vernacular while all meaning the approach wedge. Gap wedge was the common term for decades but approach is fast-becoming the norm for the industry and those who are new to the game. Unlike other wedges, an approach style is not usually included in the standard 8-set of golf clubs. This means you will have to purchase it on its own. Compare the distance between the PW and SW and split the difference to give you the best size of approach to purchase.

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