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Ready For Prospecting: Learn More About Metal Detectors

Track down buried treasure—coins, metallic, relics and more—with the latest generation of metal detectors.

Novices and dedicated prospectors alike can find easy-to-use metal detectors that make the hunt simpler than ever. Technology has made these devices incredibly accurate, so you can look forward to bringing home your loot. Choose from a variety of breakthrough features that help you make the most of the hunt.

Always consider the general functionality of your metal detector. Many machines are designed for “universal functionality,” perfect for gold prospecting or scouting jewelry and coins. Other devices may specialize in a certain kind of metal. A compact, lightweight and ergonomic design ensures your metal detector is easy to use.

Shop trusted metal detector brands, including Bounty Hunter®, Teknetics®, Barska® and many others.

Looking for more? Browse metal detector accessories like headphones, bags and replacement coils.

Expert Advice

Most metal detectors for sale today use Very Low Frequency, also known as VLF or induction balance, to detect metals buried underground. In its most simple form, a metal detector consists of an oscillator producing an alternating current that passes through a coil producing an alternating magnetic field.

The user moves a hand-held sensor probe over the ground, and the sensor changes audio tones as it comes near a piece of metal.

For extra utility, some devices come equipped with a telescoping magnet for cleaning up metals.

The following components come standard in most modern-day metal detectors:

  • The Stabilizer is the support that rests against your forearm to steady the detector as you move it. This is an optional piece on your device, but delivers comfort and ease of use.
  • The Shaft connects your control box to the search coil.
  • The Search Coil is the component that senses the metal below ground. This part is sometimes called the “antenna” or “loop.”
  • The Control Box is the heart of your device. The control box contains the signal display screen, various controls, speaker and much more. Higher end devices feature backlit, LCD screens for better viewing.