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Mizuno® Gloves Deliver Breakthrough Performance

Score the game-winning catch with a Mizuno® baseball glove.

Crafted to perfection from premium cowhide, each Mizuno® baseball glove is optimized for playability. Softened, supple leather from Mizuno® is oil-treated for easy break-in and a game-ready feel. A perforated palm pad delivers enhanced feel, protection and grip.

Find right and left-handed Mizuno® gloves for your game. Shop adult baseball gloves, youth gloves, fastpitch softball and slow-pitch gloves in a variety of hues and styles for your game.

Your baseball glove should deliver a snug fit—gloves that are too large can hinder your performance on the field. Ensure your Mizuno® baseball glove is stiff enough to deliver strength yet offers the flexibility to provide control and grip.

Keep in mind the construction and web pattern of your baseball glove, and choose a model that is best suited for your position:

  • Catchers need a fingerless mitt that includes heavy padding to reduce sting from catching. A claw-like shape helps properly capture pitches
  • Pitchers require gloves with closed webbing to conceal their grip on the ball. First basemen use gloves that are long and wide, optimized for scooping up balls in the dirt
  • Infielders generally go for five-fingered gloves with a shallow pocket that allows for quick throwing. These gloves often have an open webbing pattern, so the infielder throws only the ball, not dirt locked up in the glove. Outfielders use gloves with deeper pocket to catch fly balls

Youth players should use a glove that is smaller for added control on the ball. Youth glove construction provides shorter, narrower finger stalls and tighter wrist closures for control.

Look for added features that help you make the most of your Mizuno® baseball glove. Velcro® fasteners offer convenience and a custom-like fit, while lacing adjustments let you loosen or tighten the wrist fastener.