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Get a Clear Shot in Muddy® Treestands

Shop this collection of Muddy treestands and accessories from DICK'S Sporting Goods, and find the perfect perch for you. Many hunters prefer hunting from a treestand for a variety of reasons. The elevation allows you to see farther and to see over ground brush. You'll have a clear shot on a larger kill zone, and you'll have an extra level of stealth by sitting above your prey's sight-line.

Muddy deer stands are popular with hunters of all skill levels. Muddy ladder stands are extra sturdy, easy to set up, and easy to climb into. Another option is the Muddy climbing stand. These unique designs allow you to literally climb up the tree trunk, though they can only be used on certain trees.

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Muddy Deer Stands

Gear matters while you're on the hunt. You don't want to wait all day for a clear shot on a big buck, just to have your equipment fail. This goes for your firearm, your scope, your apparel, and your treestand. At DICK'S Sporting Goods, you'll find treestands by Muddy that have been tested under tough conditions in the field. These elite designs are engineered to be:

  • Comfortable: Hunting can mean long hours of waiting patiently. These comfortable designs make the wait a little easier.
  • Safe: When properly erected, these treestands will keep you safe and secure as long as you don't go over the maximum weight.
  • Quiet: Unwanted noises can scare that buck away before you get a chance to make the kill. Treestands from this line are designed to prevent squeaking and other noises.

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