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Learn More About Muzzy Broadheads

Dependable, High Impact Muzzy® Broadheads

Hunt confidently with advanced Muzzy® broadheads from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Choose from an extensive collection of Muzzy® crossbow broadheads, bowfishing tips and other high performance arrowheads for a variety of game. You'll find Muzzy® fixed blade broadheads, mechanical broadheads and other broadhead styles, all crafted from durable materials and sharpened for maximum penetration. Muzzy® broadheads are available in many different weights and blade configurations, so it's easy to pick out the one that's right for your hunting style. Whether you're looking for a three-blade broadhead, four-blade broadhead, small game head, or other Muzzy® broadhead design, make DICK'S Sporting Goods your destination.

Muzzy® broadheads deliver exceptional penetration and cutting power, helping improve your chances of bringing down game on the first shot. When you're shopping for a new set, keep the following points in mind:

  • Fixed blade broadheads provide impressive penetration and are typically less expensive than mechanical broadheads. Fixed are also generally very durable.
  • Mechanical broadheads, while often more expensive, feature blades that open on contact, giving them a larger cutting diameter than fixed blades. Muzzy® mechanical broadheads also have a smaller profile in flight, which reduces the chance that their course will be altered by the wind.
  • In addition to broadheads for deer and other large game, DICK'S Sporting Goods offers a collection of Muzzy® broadheads for other targets. Small game broadheads are ideal for hunting rabbit and other low to the ground targets, and feature specially designed blades that help you avoid getting your arrow stuck in the dirt.
  • If you're planning a bowfishing expedition, be sure to check out the selection of Muzzy® bowfishing arrows. Muzzy® bowfishing tips offer tremendous penetration through scales and bones, and feature mechanical barbs that deliver many of the same benefits as a standard Muzzy® broadhead.
  • Muzzy® broadheads offer maximum hold after the fish is shot, preventing accidental pullouts and helping you keep more fish in your boat.
  • Don't forget to practice before your next hunting expedition. Check out DICK's Sporting Goods selection of archery targets to help make sure you don't miss the big one.