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Learn More About Outdoor Volleyball Nets

Learn More About Portable, Outdoor Volleyball Nets

From beachside to the backyard, get ready to spike the ball over a new outdoor volleyball net from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

The latest outdoor volleyball nets are designed for total playability, whether you're an experienced player or just looking for some warm-weather fun. Pick up regulation-size nets, full net sets and a variety of accessories that help you make the most of your game.

Get a sturdy net crafted from a variety of durable materials. Shop volleyball gear from some of the top brands in the sport, including Franklin®, Park & Sun® Sports and Quest®. You can find all your season must-haves by shopping for volleyball gear and equipment at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Quality materials and design are the key to a long-lasting outdoor volleyball net. You can get the action started with ultra-sturdy steel ground stakes, aluminum poles and weatherproof boundary lines. Look for a nylon-mesh net with waterproof tape.

For utility, choose a volleyball net set that comes with a convenient carrying bag great for bringing it along to an outdoor party or storing when not in use. Many kits come with a volleyball, ball pump and even score keepers so you're ready to play anytime, anywhere.

The regulation height of volleyball nets can vary. For example, men's, women's and youth's nets all differ in size, and different dimensions are required for indoor and outdoor play. Volleyball nets are measured in the center of the volleyball court. The height of each end of the net must be the same:

  • Women's nets are typically 7-feet, 4/18 inches in height, though this size can vary based on the event and age of the players.
  • Men's nets are designed in a standard height of 7-feet, 11 5/8 inches. Co-ed events are typically played with this size of net.
  • Consult product information for specific size dimensions on your volleyball net.