Practice Golf Balls

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Learn More About Practice Golf Balls

Learn How Practice Golf Balls Can Improve Your Game

Pack up for the driving range with a new set of practice golf balls from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

When it comes to your golf game, practice makes for a better time on the course-and the right practice golf balls can become an import part of honing your skills. Select from high-tech LED golf balls, wiffle balls, foam balls and so much more.

Start out with lightweight yellow dimple golf balls. These realistic-feeling golf balls generally come in bags of 30 or more, so they're great for mastering your swing on the range. Bright colors ensure you can easily spot your ball.

Shop top brands, including Maxfli® and Callaway®. Looking for more than practice golf balls? Find it with the entire collection of golf balls or personalized golf balls at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

When you can't make it to the range, practice anywhere with foam golf balls. An ultra-soft construction makes these practice golf balls safe for use just about anywhere, including your backyard. The latest foam golf balls come with more realistic dimple patterns to better simulate actual golf ball flight.

Go high-tech with an LED golf ball. These balls feature a multilayer construction and inner lighting mechanism—so recovering your ball on the range is never a problem. The light inside your LED golf ball is activated on impact and will remain laminated for several minutes before turning off to conserve battery.

Like foam golf balls, wiffle balls are light enough for practice just about anywhere, yet they realistically simulate actual golf ball flight for effective practice. Find the prefect practice golf ball and start improving your game.