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Learn More About Predator Hunting Game Calls

Predator Calls to Bring In Your Prey

Give yourself an advantage in the field. Bag a buck or stalk down a coyote with the help of a predator call.

Discover the easy-to-master calls from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Get lightweight durability in the field with mouth calls and electric predator calls.

Designed for versatility, mouth predator calls consist of a mouthpiece constructed of plastic or wood, a soft tube and internal reed. Game calls recreate the sound of fawns in distress, whining pups or screaming rabbits.

Pick your next predator call or shop all predator hunting decoys and predator gear from top hunting brands such as Edge by Expedite®, Plambeau®, Flextone®, Foxpro®, Kinse's Archery®, Primos®, Quaker Boy®, and more.

Choosing the best predator or coyote call depends largely on what you want to call and how much time you're willing invest learning how to use the call correctly. If you don't have a lot of time to learn the calling methods, invest in an electronic call.

Hand calls are probably the most common type of game call. Proper use of these instruments takes some skill and practice, but hand calls don't require batteries and are very easy to carry along in the field. This type of device is held to the mouth while air is sucked or blown over it to make a sound.

Electronic game calls are not legal for hunting in all areas. Check your local regulations before using them.

An electronic coyote call is the ultimate device for imitating actual animal sounds of distress. These digital marvels feature multiple push-button vocalizations. Some models are all-in-one transmitter and speaker units, while others feature wireless remotes and long-range receivers.

No matter what type of predator device you use, don't overdo it. A few calls every 15 to 30 minutes should be sufficient. Try varying the volume and duration of you calls, and enjoy the thrill when your call fools your prey.