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Learn More About Protein Powder - Muscle Milk & More

Learn More About Protein

Maximize your workout and build lean muscle with innovative protein powders and supplements. Trim down, gain energy and reach your physical peak with the help of balanced, natural and great-tasting formulas.

Including protein supplements in your diet supports your healthy lifestyle by stimulating protein synthesis in your body. Blend your powder in a shake or drink or mix it along with food to supplement your workout and amplify results.

Consider the many varieties of protein available to help you reach your goals, including milk proteins, milk derivatives like whey powder and casein, and soy or vegetable proteins. Look for a powder that can be quickly digested and matches your desired protein and calorie intake level.

Look to brands like Cytosport®, BSN®, ISS® and Inner Armour® for protein powders and supplements that work with you to enhance your fitness results.

Performance-enhancing protein powders energize your body and aid in your recovery after strenuous workouts. Protein powder has a place in your fitness regimen whether you're working to maintain your weight or gain lean muscle.

Boost your results with the right protein powder supplement. Consider if you want sugar included in your powder, and whether the number of calories and grams of protein per serving size matches your dietary needs. Think about the “yield” of your protein powder and the amino acid profile included in each serving size.

Give your body the protein it craves — choose a powder that delivers the taste you desire and mixes easily, so you look forward to your daily protein intake. Think about how you include protein powders in your diet: Choose from proteins that include rich-tasting flavors like chocolate, all-natural tastes or brands that have no added sweeteners included.

Your protein should be easy to digest and gentle on your stomach. Protein powders are available for the lactose intolerant.

Amp up your training with the right kind of protein powder.

Powders are an easy and efficient means of including protein into your healthy diet. Powders can serve as excellent protein sources for those who are beginning a workout regimen, athletes who are recovering from injury or individuals who adhere to vegan or vegetarian diets.