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Learn More About Racquetball Gear

Find Racquetball Equipment for Performance on the Court

Show up to the court ready to play with racquets, racquetballs and playing accessories designed to keep up with your game.

Add speed and agility to your game with the right racquetball equipment. Players with slow swings should look for racquetball racquets with a heavy weight and those with fast swings should choose lightweight racquets.

Stock up on racquetballs ready for high-speed performance and consistent bounce. Safety is key for any racquetball player: Look for top-quality eyewear and gloves so you can focus on your performance.

String your racquet with string reels and outfit for the game with headbands and wristbands that wick moisture off your skin, so you keep cool when the pressure is on.

Expect nothing but quality from top brands HEAD®, Wilson®, and many more.

Look for quality gear designed for durability and the needs of racquetball athletes.

Racquetball racquets are built of materials including tungsten and carbon graphite, which boost power and stiffness. Vibration-damping tubes in the handles of your racquetball racquet reduces string vibrations for added comfort during play.

Deluxe racquetball racquets feature stringing technology that enables strings to grip the ball for maximized control, aligning string fibers in a way that delivers power and strength. Increased shock absorption and structural stability in your racquet helps you perform at your peak.

When playing racquetball in a gym with traditionally colored white or yellow walls, select a dark-colored racquet for better visibility. Heavier racquets, weighing more than 185 grams, are best suited for beginner or veteran players who need power from their racquet and frequently use the corners during play. Lighter racquets, weighing between 150 to 160 grams, move fast in the air and are better for advanced players who create their own power and hit low, fast, and down the center of the court.

Choose a racquetball racquet with an attached wrist string to keep the racquet in your hand during intense play. Smaller grips allow for a greater range of motion and maximum wrist snap for greater power. If you're taking to the court several times a week, be sure to check the tension of your strings and consider restringing your racquet for top performance.