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Learn More About Rage Broadheads

Get Superior Hunting Action with Rage® Broadheads

Withstand any hunting challenge and achieve maximum penetration with Rage® broadheads.

Designed for the ultimate in cutting power, Rage® broadheads are strong, tough and offer the dynamic velocity you need to strike any big game with solid force. Rage® broadheads are built to improve cutting diameter. Whether you're hunting in open terrain or wooded regions there's a Rage® broadhead designed to handle any game.

Rage® broadheads feature razor sharp stainless steel blades, sturdy materials, stellar accuracy and have the intense speed of a field tip combined with the power of a fixed-blade broadhead. Choose from popular hunting styles featuring technology such as a rear-deploying SlipCam™ blade deployment system, a flight stabilizing HexFlat™ design and a ShockLock™ system guaranteed to hold blades firmly in place during flight.

Rage® broadheads all feature large cut solid tips for improved cutting power. DICK'S Sporting Goods carries an extensive variety of Rage® broadheads that will enhance your hunting prowess no matter what game you're tracking.

DICK'S Sporting Goods carries a wide selection of crossbows and broadheads by all major brands. Check out the wide selection of crossbows and other outdoor essentials.

Finding the right Rage® broadheads for your hunting needs has never been easier. Rage® broadheads are available with specialized technology offering excellent blade retention and the ultimate in impact energy. Cutting diameters vary from 1.75" to a 2.3"+ cutting diameter.

Rage® broadheads offer blades that cut with intensely surgical precision. An extreme sweeping blade angle penetrates deeply by maintaining energy for a longer period of time. Make it easy to track big game of all kinds with the accuracy and intensity of Rage® broadheads. Many models use the ShockLock™ system to hold blades in place firmly during flight.

Rage® broadheads deploy smoothly and accurately, with models for every type of hunt. Strong, sharp stainless steel blades go in straight every time. A tested, refined chisel-tip design is one option for the ultimate in cutting power.

DICK'S Sporting Goods offers a wide variety of hunting gear, supplies and other superior products for the outdoors.