2019 Rawlings Baseball Gloves

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Bring Home Elite 2019 Rawlings® Baseball Gloves

Get ready for the coming season with new Rawlings baseball gloves from DICK'S Sporting Goods. A popular manufacturer that has been producing professional-quality baseball gear for generations, you can trust a glove by Rawlings as you take the field against your arch rivals. The 2019 Rawlings baseball gloves collection includes designs for every position in the outfield and infield, even catcher and first base. Created with high-tech materials and decades of experience, these mitts are some of the best baseball gear on the market.

Snare a splitter in the dirt with new Rawlings catcher's mitts or track down a long fly ball with an outfielder's glove. Whether you are playing catch in the backyard or gearing up for a championship run with your school's team, you will appreciate these brilliantly engineered designs.

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Choose the Right New Rawlings Catcher's Mitts & Gloves for Your Position

Though any mitt is great for a game of catch at the park, when you are on the diamond, it is important to select a design that is made for your position. Glove types can be broken down into four main categories, including:

  • Catcher's Mitts: The most specialized of the bunch, 2019 Rawlings catcher's mitts offer a large target for your pitcher and the right amount of padding to absorb that 4-seam fastball.
  • First Baseman's Gloves: These oversized mitts are designed to give you a little extra reach and help you pluck a low throw out of the dirt.
  • Infielder's Gloves: A standard design, infielder mitts are a little smaller and more agile than other styles. They are made to minimize the time it takes to transfer the ball to your throwing hand.
  • Outfielder's Mitts: Larger than an infielder's glove, outfielder mitts offer a little more reach as you sprint for that sinking line-drive.

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