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Make the Highlight Reel With Rawlings® Baseball & Softball Gloves

Take the field with Rawlings gloves from DICK'S Sporting Goods and know you're sporting quality gear that will last from the earliest days of spring training to the last out of fall.

Rawlings has been a trusted name in baseball and softball equipment for over 120 years and puts generations of know-how into every glove they make. Once a quality glove is broken in, it becomes an extension of the fielder's body. Rawlings baseball and softball gloves are made from high-quality leather which stays soft and gives the fielder superior control. USA-tanned leather laces are strong enough to hold the glove together as you snag a hot line drive, while full-grain leather finger linings keep your hand comfortable well into extra-innings.

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Rawlings softball gloves and baseball gloves from DICK'S Sporting Goods will help you bring your game to the next level. Often the difference between an extra-base hit and an inning-ending out is mere inches. Close that gap with a high-performance glove.

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Gloves by Rawlings from DICK'S Sporting Goods are available in adult and youth sizes for baseball, fast-pitch softball and slow-pitch softball. Once you choose the appropriate sport and size, the next question to consider is what position you'll primarily be playing.

Here are some helpful hints to choose the glove you need:

  • A catcher's mitt is designed to be a large, padded target for a pitcher to hit. It opens wide to block balls in the dirt.
  • A first baseman's glove is also large and has a deep pocket, though it more closely resembles a fielder's glove.
  • Generally, infielders are more concerned with quickly transferring the ball from glove to throwing hand, so their gloves are slightly smaller and have a more shallow pocket than those used by outfielders.

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Learn to Care for Your Glove

With proper care, you'll get a lifetime's worth of use out of your Rawlings baseball or softball glove. Most gloves require breaking in. This involves softening the leather through soaking, adding glove oil, and of course a little tough love. Bend the glove repeatedly and throw the ball into the center to form a pocket.

Store the glove with a ball secured in the pocket, as this will help it retain its shape in the offseason. Every now and then, apply a little glove oil or classic white shaving cream. This will help to moisturize the leather, which keeps the glove flexible.

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