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Find a Road Bike for Your Ride

Road cyclists need a bike they can depend on. Find the road bike for the journey ahead from top brands, including Diamondback®, Nishiki® and GT®.

Commute to work or step up your fitness routine. Road bikes are built with a lighter, sleeker frame than their mountain bike counterparts. Ideal for fitness riding and urban commuting alike, find a bike with the frame and features you need.

Select road bikes designed with materials like aluminum and carbon and others with disc or rim brakes. Expect your road bike to be built for efficiency, with an aerodynamic seating position, stiff frame and narrow tires. Road bikes are available in men's and women's designs.

Choose from sleek and sporty frames or ones with bright, high-visibility colors for riding on the road.

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Learn More About Road Bikes

For maximum efficiency, choose a road bike with drop-bar handlebars. Drop-bars are a better choice for riders who have speed in mind, positioning the cyclists in a lower, more aerodynamic riding position.

Flat-bar handlebars provide a slightly more relaxed, upright seating position, which is the preferred choice of some cyclists. This seating position also allows you to better see traffic and obstacles along the road.

Aluminum is the most common frame material used in road bikes, while carbon is lighter in weight – an asset for cyclists looking to gain speed. In addition, aluminum frames have the shortest "frame fatigue" span of any bicycle material, making them an excellent choice for durability.

Consider the braking system on your bike. Coaster brakes engage with reverse pressure on the pedals. Rim brakes employ a soft rubber brake pad, while disc brakes use a metallic disc as a pad.

Look for the details that make a difference when selecting your road bicycle. A contoured, ergonomically shaped seat relieves pressure points and feels comfortable during long hours in the saddle, while no-slip handlebar grips prevent slips during long rides.

Women's bikes are engineered for the average-sized woman and come with narrower handlebars, wider seats and smaller components. The signature of a women's-specific bike is a more lightweight frame that enables better mobility. Shorter top tubes and frames are designed to better fit a woman's torso and arms.

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