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Your Day by the Water: Saltwater Fishing Combos

Pack up for the shore with performance-ready saltwater fishing equipment. Shop saltwater fishing combos for the sensitively, feel and strength you need on the water.

Anglers new to saltwater fishing enjoy the hassle-free experience of saltwater fishing combos. Purchase a rod and reel combo assembled by an expert angler for gear that is ready to use out-of-the-box.

A good combo should be easy to handle and maneuver. Selecting a rod and reel combo is the first step to ensuring your gear works in harmony on the water.

Consider the power and action of your saltwater fishing combo. Power is determined by the combo's reel characteristics and is proportional to the rod's weight. Action is the amount of control the angler has over the fish.

  • Conventional Combos are designed to have both the reel and guides on top and are ideal for anglers looking to cast several hundred times over the course of a fishing trip. Generally these work with the weight of the bait or lure as it pulls the line and turns the spool to release more line. They are typically preferred by experienced anglers, using heavier lures and lines designed for large game fish.
  • Spinning combos range in length between five and eight feet and position the reel and guides on the bottom of the rod, a feature designed to produce smooth, accurate casts. These combos are typically constructed from lightweight graphite or fiberglass with a cork or PVC foam handle. Spinning rods are commonly used for trolling or still-fishing with live bait.

Choose saltwater fishing gear designed for added durability, protecting against the corrosive effects of saltwater: Fiberglass and graphite are ideal materials for fishing at sea.

Fiberglass rods need little maintenance. They do not rust, corrode or become brittle as a result of water exposure. These rods are ideal for both beginners and experienced anglers seeking to fight large game fish.

Graphite rods are extremely durable and lightweight a combination that makes them desired by experienced anglers. These rods transmit better vibrations from nibbling or biting fish.