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Learn More About Saltwater Fishing Lures & Bait

Fish With the Best Saltwater Lures & Baits Available

Shop saltwater fishing lures from DICK'S Sporting Goods today and find the latest designs from the industry's best brands, as well as time-tested favorites that belong in every angler's tackle box. Whether you are a veteran fisherman or woman or just getting your feet wet with this popular sport, you know that what is on the end of your line makes a big difference.

Saltwater lures are engineered to catch the eye of a variety of ocean-going species and hold up to the harsh conditions of life at sea. Reusable saltwater fishing bait is another option. Crafted to look just like real eels or bait fish, artificial baits are durable, easy to handle and give off a natural smell that will entice passing fish to take a bite.

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Choose the Right Saltwater Fishing Bait & Lures

Though there is no single surefire way to land a trophy-sized catch, it helps to use quality lures and baits for saltwater fishing from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Even with an experienced crew and the latest technology, there is still a lot of luck involved in landing a large fish. If you are partaking in a contest or just trying to bring home a tasty dinner, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Lure Type: Do the research and find out what kind of lure the fish in your area like best. Make sure to bring a backup if they are not biting.
  • Find a Sweet Spot: Inlets, areas near the mouth of a river or ocean banks can be popular spots.
  • Weather Matters: A gray sky may make your lure look more lifelike and attractive.

Take home a high-tech solution to an ancient problem. Locate a school of fish with electronic fish finders from DICK'S Sporting Goods.