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Ready for the Elements: Duck Boots

Stay prepared for wet and muddy conditions with duck boots from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Duck boots help keep your feet dry and warm year round with high-quality materials and durable details. For increased warmth, look for a duck boot designed with insulation and specialized linings. For warmer weather and transitional seasons, opt for an uninsulated style.

Every duck boot features a waterproof rubber section that's great for rain, snow and mud. A leather or synthetic material upper sits above the rubber for a comfortable fit.

Duck boots come in low, mid and high styles. Shop a range of sizes and designs for men, women and kids from rugged hunting styles to fashion-forward winter looks. If you're looking for style and function, duck boots are the perfect addition to any rustic-casual outfit, especially in rainy seasons.

Get the latest styles from top brands, including SOREL® boots and Sperry® duck boots. If you find a lower price on duck boots somewhere else, we'll match it with our Best Price Guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Duck Boots

Why is it called a duck boot? Where should I wear them? Will they keep me warm? Check out the following questions about duck boots and learn more:

What is a duck boot? Duck boots feature a rubber lower section that typically surrounds the entire foot area, from heel to toe. They also have a leather or waterproof material upper above the rubber section. Some duck boots feature a lacing system, while others are laceless, with a pull-on design. Heights range from low-profile shoe styles to full-coverage boots with tall shafts.

Why are duck boots called duck boots? Duck boots actually started as "Maine hunting shoes" and become known as Bean Boots for their founder, Leon Leonwood Bean. Bean came back from a hunting trip with cold and wet feet and wanted something more functional yet still comfortable. In 1911, he created the Maine hunting shoe, which was better suited to wet, muddy environments. This shoe style, with the lower rubber section and leather upper, ultimately became known as the duck boot, which is able to get its bottom portion wet without worry.

What are duck boots good for? Duck boots are great for rainy, muddy, and even some snowy environments. Their specialized design makes them water-resistant and waterproof, making them ideal for wet conditions. Grippy outsole patterns help offer traction in slippery situations, too, and they are usually warmer and more comfortable for all-day wear than rain boots.

Can I wear duck boots in the rain? Yes, you can wear duck boots in the rain. Look for fully waterproof styles for especially wet conditions.

Are duck boots waterproof? Most styles are at least partially waterproof with the lower rubber section. Some duck boots feature fully waterproof materials for superior weather resistance.

Can I wear duck boots in the snow? Many duck boots feature insulation and linings that help keep your feet warm and dry in snowy conditions. These styles also provide the protection and traction needed in winter. Check out snow boots for winter for more snow-ready options. For transitional seasons, when warmth isn't as much of a must-have, look for uninsulated duck boots.

Are duck boots good for hiking? While duck boots may be more comfortable than other waterproof styles, they are not specifically designed for hiking. The stiff soles and often roomy designs are not ideal for long distances and uneven terrain. If hitting the trail, opt for hiking boots.

When should I wear duck boots? Duck boots offer a classic, well-known look that can be worn year round. Many styles feature rugged details that pair well with a range of outfits — especially in cooler seasons.