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Learn More About Personalized Golf Balls

Learn How Personalized Golf Balls Give Your Game a Custom Feel

Ready to put your own touch on your game? Try personalized golf balls from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Personalized golf balls are a must for any dedicated golfer. Add your name, favorite phrase or nickname to your golf ball-and show your foursome you've come to play. Shop personalized golf balls from your favorite brands, including Titleist®, Callaway® and Bridgestone®.

Best of all, customizable golf balls come in two-piece and multi-piece designs. Get the consistent flight, greenside control and distance you need for your game, whether you're looking for a ball with wind-piercing aerodynamics or a low-compression core.

Consider personalized golf balls with two-piece or multi-piece constructions.

  1. Two-piece golf balls feature a dual construction composed of a larger, solid inner core and outer cover. These balls provide ease of use
  2. Multi-piece golf balls are designed with a core wrapped by mantle layers and an outer cover. These balls are an ideal fit for golfers who produce moderate to high clubhead speed and desire added distance and feel from their ball

For more, shop the entire collection of golf balls at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

How to Personalize Your Golf Balls

Look for a personalized golf ball that delivers the precise blend of distance, consistent flight and greenside control. Consider whether you're looking for wind-piercing aerodynamics or a low-compression core that reduces spin off the tee.

Find a Tour-inspired golf ball that matches your game.

To personalize your golf ball, simply select the "customize" button on your desired product's page. Then fill out the appropriate forms. For many brands, you can select up to three lines of text, including about 15 characters per line.

Select fonts and colors. Then, review your information before adding your new personalized golf ball to your cart.

Select the right personalized golf balls for yourself or buy as the perfect gift for any golfer in your life. For lady golfers, pick up women's personalized golf balls from Callaway®, Nike® and Pinnacle®.