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Get Serious About Your Workout with Squat Shoes & Deadlift Shoes

If you are looking to take your workout routine to the next level, you will find that footwear plays an integral role. At DICK'S Sporting Goods, you can explore some of the best weightlifting shoes on the market. Squat shoes and deadlift shoes are important for a variety of reasons. They are attractive, comfortable and most importantly, designed for your needs as a lifter.

Whether you are a fitness fanatic who loves pumping iron and competes in local bodybuilding contests or just looking to add a little muscle tone, the right footwear makes a difference. Choose from styles for both men and women from some of the industry's most popular brands. Powerlifting shoes are must-have gear for any serious weightlifter. Shop today and make sure you have the perfect footwear for the weight room.

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Enjoy Powerlifting Shoes Designed for this Unique Sport

Weight training shoes from DICK'S Sporting Goods are engineered specifically for the gym. Unlike running shoes or tennis shoes, this footwear does not require extra impact cushioning. Instead, they are crafted to provide a solid, lock-down feel that will help you hold the right form as you lift. Other advantages include:

  • Wide Base: With a slightly wider base than standard trainers, weightlifting shoes help promote stability while you power through your reps.
  • Durable Construction: Manufactured by top brands, this tough footwear can handle the rigors of wear in the weight room.
  • Solid, Sturdy Fit: Choose options with an optional lock-down strap for an extra-solid fit that will help prevent your heel from slipping as you lift.
  • Breathable Upper: It can get hot in the gym. Breathable shoes will keep your feet feeling cool and dry.

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