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Point 65 XO13 Kayak
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Explore Your World in an Efficient Boat

Sit in kayaks from this large selection at DICK'S Sporting Goods are the perfect watercraft for an expedition up that mighty river. Battle ocean swells, or ride one all the way back to land. Enjoy a lazy float downstream, or aggressively tackle a challenging set of rapids. From fishing in a pristine pond on a beautiful summer afternoon to examining glaciers up close in the Alaskan wild, kayaks from this collection are the ideal boats, in terms of portability, durability, maneuverability and efficiency.

Bored with your daily jog? Take a kayak trip on the local river instead. You'll get great exercise and a whole new experience. Camping near a beautiful lake? Bring one of these fantastic designs along and make your weekend getaway one to remember for a lifetime.

Looking for more options? View all kayaks for sale and even more products in the amazing paddle sports section at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Choose the Right Vessel for Your Needs

Though all sit down kayaks from DICK'S Sporting Goods are brilliantly engineered to be easy to control, stable, and quick, there are a few main differences between models. Here are some important things to think about while you shop:

  • Hull Type: Inflatable hull kayaks are easy to store when not in use, and generally weigh less than traditional solid hull designs. They're great for carrying to a campsite or tucking away in the basement for winter storage.
  • Seating: Choose between one and two-person models. Whitewater riders may prefer a single seater, while anglers may prefer fishing with a friend.
  • Color: Select from a range of incredible hues, including dark greens that blend in with nature, and bright vibrant colors that provide excellent visibility.

Follow boating safety rules and have a wonderful time on the water.

Power your craft through the waves with premium kayak paddles and oars from DICK'S Sporting Goods.