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Bolle Adult Tsar Snow Goggles
  • Matte Black/Phantom
Limited Stock!
Giro Adult Balance Snow Goggles
  • Black Bar/Vivid Onyx
  • Black Wordmark/Vivid Ember
  • Black Wordmark/Vivid Royal
  • Grey Wordmark/Vivid Onyx
Limited Stock!
SMITH Women's Drift Snow Goggles
  • Black/Ignitor Mirror
  • Black/Red Sol X Mirror
  • Monarch Reset/RC36
  • Sunburst/RC36
  • White/Red Sol X Mirror
$55.00 - $75.00
Limited Stock!
Bolle Adult Virtuose Snow Goggles
  • Black Tone on Tone
Limited Stock!
Giro Adult Semi Snow Goggles
$59.97 - $80.00
Limited Stock!
Oakley Adult Line Miner XM Snow Goggles
  • Harmony Fade/Prizm Snow Torch Iridium
  • Matte Black/Prizm Snow Rose
  • Matte White/Prizm Snow HI Pink Iridium
  • Prizmatic Port Org/Prizm Snow Torch Iridium
  • Tranquil Flurry Arctic/Prizm Snow HI Pink Iridium
$120.00 - $160.00
Limited Stock!
Oakley Adult Flight Deck XM Snow Goggles
  • Matte Black/Prizm Black Iridium
  • Matte Black/Prizm Torch Iridium
  • Matte White/Prizm Jade Iridium
  • Matte White/Prizm Rose
  • Matte White/Prizm Torch Iridium
  • Prizmatic Port/Prizm Snow Rose
$170.00 - $200.00
Limited Stock!
Bolle Adult Nevada Snow Goggles
  • Matte Black Corp
Limited Stock!
Giro Women's Dylan Snow Goggles
  • Berry/Aqua Tropical/Amber Pink/Yellow
  • Black Zag/Amber Gold/Yellow
  • Blck Pnk Thrwbk/Ultra Black/Yellow
  • Grey Throwback/Amber Pink/Yellow
  • Hearts/Amber Scarlet/Yellow
  • Purple Fade/Loden Dynasty/Yellow
  • Scarlet/Grey Peak/Amber Gold/Yellow
$59.97 - $80.00
Limited Stock!
Giro Adult Index Snow Goggles
$60.00 - $100.00
Limited Stock!
Giro Adult Compass Snow Goggles
  • Black Wordmark/Vivid Royal
  • Blue Horizon/Vivid Royal
  • Blue Monotone/Yellow Boost
  • Hi Yellow Sport Tech/Vivid Onyx
Limited Stock!
Giro Women's Gaze Snow Goggles
  • Marine Faded/Loden Green
  • Titanium Quilted/Yellow Boost
Limited Stock!
Bolle Women's Scarlett Snow Goggles
  • Matte Navy/Aurora
  • Matte White and Blue Diamond/Vermillon Blue
  • Shiny Black Night/Photochromic Vermillon Blue
$69.00 - $119.99
Limited Stock!

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Learn More About Snowboard Goggles & Ski Goggles

Choosing The Right Ski Goggles & Snowboarding Goggles

Browse all ski goggles to find the right pair for your next trip down the slopes.

Most snow and ski goggles are made from materials that include polycarbonate, plastic and soft hypoallergenic foam to provide athletes with ultimate comfort and eye protection on the slopes.

Winter goggles make your time on the slopes more enjoyable with features like:

  • Abrasion-resistant and anti-fogging lenses
  • Mirrored lens for extra bright conditions
  • Cylindrical and spherical goggle design with adjustable straps to conform to your face shape and size
  • Provide excellent color definition and contrast

Find snowboard goggles and ski goggles from leading brands, including Oakley® ski goggles, Giro® ski goggles and Smith Optics® ski goggles.

For the female adventurer, find women's snowboard and ski goggles. If you're looking for smaller sizes for kids, shop youth snowboard and ski goggles.

Make sure you have everything you need the next time you hit the slopes. Check out the complete collection of ski and snowboard gear at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

How to Choose Ski & Snowboard Goggles

Snowboard goggles and ski goggles provide riders and skiers with eye protection from the elements such as bright sunlight, blowing snow and more. The best snowboard goggles should provide a comfortable fit with the right amount of tint for the weather conditions. While finding a stylish pair of goggles you want to wear is important, there are other buying considerations we recommend.

What type of conditions will you most likely be riding in?

  • Sunny: Try on a pair of bright sun goggles with UV protection or mirrored goggles
  • Evening: A pair of flat to night goggles or non-mirrored goggles may be the best goggles for you
  • All Weather: All-weather goggles are suitable for a variety of conditions

If you wear eyeglasses, OTG (over the glasses) goggles may be the best ski goggles for you.

While the design may draw you to a particular pair of goggles, keep added features in mind like pivoting hinges, full-perimeter channel venting and dual-layer foam to ensure a snug fit and crisp vision.

While you can get a decent pair of inexpensive ski goggles that will perform just fine for the time being, consider a pair with added features like articulating outriggers, polycarbonate lenses, interchangeable lenses and more.

Goggles with a pivoting hinge are particularly handy for riding with a snow helmet. Safety is extremely important on the mountain, so winter accessories like ski goggles and helmets are designed to help to protect you and others from serious injury.