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Fun in the Snow: Snow Sleds, Snow Tubes & More

Your winter-weather adventure begins with the right snow sled or snow tube. Glide down the slopes in the latest models from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Snow sleds for kids are a season essential. Watch them fly down neighborhood hills in ultra-durable sleds featuring their favorite cartoon characters. Take on the powder with an inflatable snow tube, designed for one or more riders.

Your little shredder will love toy snowboards, designed for riders aged 2 to 6, and you'll both have a blast as you pull them around on a sled. There are even sleds for your tiniest snow lovers.

Shop sleds, snow tubes and snow saucers from trusted brands, including Burton®, DBX® and ESP®. Need more? Check out the entire collection of winter sports gear and equipment at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

What to Look for in Sleds & Snow Tubes

Add some fun to your winter adventure with the latest sleds, featuring bold colors, designs and graphics that let you make a statement on the slopes. Little winter athletes love sleds and snow tubes with their favorite characters, super heroes and cartoons.

Snow tubes make riding down the hill a breeze. Many of the latest tubes come with recessed Boston valves for easy inflation and deflation. Center panels help keep you dry in the snow. For a more aerodynamic ride, try a triangle-shaped snow tube.

For the smallest riders, try toy snowboards and toddler sleds, designed to easily and safely tote little ones through the snow.

Snow sleds are designed from durable plastic. Molded handles give the rider a comfortable place to grip, while a pull rope makes it easy to tote the sled up and down the hill. Grooves along the base of a sled allow for easy steering and maneuvering.

Choose snow tubes constructed from slick, heavy-grade PVC, which offers durability. Some sleds come with a pressed, textured top for more comfortable riding. For a more aerodynamic ride, choose a sled with raised seating.

Always consult product information for specifics on your snow sled or snow tube, including the recommended number of riders, age requirements and size specifications.

When it comes to snow sleds, there are two main styles to evaluate. Find the best sleds and snow tubes for your next snow day with these helpful tips!

SNOW TUBES: Range is size from one to multiple people. Provides a comfortable ride. Made from vinyl so sleds are comfortable and lightweight to give a fast ride. Best when there is a lot of snow or very open hill as rocks and rugged terrain can damage snow tubes.

PLASTIC SLEDS: Popular for children because they are lightweight and durable. The material is slick and can handle rough terrain with little to no damage. Plastic sleds are also reasonably priced so a great option for kids!