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Built for Your Game: Slowpitch Softball Bats

Step up to the plate—the latest slowpitch softball bats are designed for swing precision.

Your slowpitch bat is your ultimate tool on the diamond, so choose one that matches your game. Softball bats can be broken down into two distinct categories: aluminum bats and graphite/titanium-lined bats:

Aluminum softball bats provide a lightweight feel, which promotes bat speed and control at the plate. A lighter bat has an increased "sweet spot." Best of all, aluminum bats are extremely difficult to crack or break, so your bat will last with you season after season. For extra swinging power, try a double-layer aluminum bat.

Graphite and titanium-lined softball bats produce a lighter, stronger bat. These materials are added to the thin walls of an aluminum bat to increase swing speed, sweet spot and durability. This bat construction also reduces vibration.

Shop slowpitch softball bats from top brands, including DeMarini®, Easton® and Worth®.

The essential parts of a bat include the barrel size, taper and grip:

Barrel size includes the length of the barrel and its diameter. Generally, the longer the barrel, the larger the sweet spot. Smaller barrels, however, promote faster swing speed.

The bat taper is the diameter of the bat's handle. Standard bats are tapered at 31/32nds of an inch. Players who prefer to rotate their wrists may choose a narrower taper.

The grip is the bat's handle, covered in leather, synthetic leather or rubber. Leather and synthetic offer a tackier texture, which allows you to get a firm grip on your bat. Rubber, on the other hand, absorbs more shock from the ball.

The needs of an adult slowpitch softball player differ from that of their younger counterparts. Players older than 15 generally choose a bat that is at least 33-inches in length.

Weight and height are often better indicators of bat size. Most bats are weighed in ounces, with a length-to-weight ratio of -4 or -6. In other words, a 34-inch bat with a -6 drop weighs 28 ounces.

Think about your strength level and hitting style when selecting your slowpitch softball bat:

Larger, stronger players often choose a heavier bat—they benefit from the heft and swing power.

Smaller players with less strength should go for a lightweight bat—think graphite/titanium lined—which will help generate more speed at the plate.