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Soccer Training Equipment: Prep for the Pitch

Get ready to dominate the field. Sharpen your skills and boost technique with soccer training equipment and gear designed for development. Discover what it takes to elevate your game with the right training tools.

Perfect your skills in between games with soccer balls that deliver maximum consistency and durability from beginning of season to end. Play like a champion with training balls designed to deliver a soft touch and optimal control, perfect for honing your game.

Scrimmage with lightweight vests and jerseys, keep hydrated with water bottles and coolers or pack up after practice with mesh soccer ball bags. Develop your game with soccer trainer nets, agility ladders, feet trainers and more. Set up drills with cones, training discs, spot markers and more. Pull on goalie gloves that give a second-skin fit, flexing with your hand and delivering the ample shock absorption you need to defend the goal.

When shopping for soccer training equipment, look to top brands adidas®, Nike®, Kwik Goal®, Primed®, Quick Feet®, Champion®, Fitness Gear® and more.

Consider the kind of training you need when selecting your soccer training gear.

For soccer speed training, turn to speed sleds and speed chutes. Build your agility with speed hurdles and ladders. Boost balance with tools like balance pads, discs and boards.

Deliver quicker shot reps and fine tune your shooting, ball control, and touch with a variety of soccer training nets and rebounders. Boost strength training with medicine balls, or play a game in the backyard with soccer goals and nets.

Keep in mind skill level when selecting gear. Find youth soccer training equipment that is designed teach young players the fundamentals and proper technique.

Pick up a soccer ball with a high-resistance bladder to ensure it keeps its shape after a season's-worth of aggressive games and practices. Look for machine-stitched balls that boast a soft touch and durability. Look for weather-resistant materials, like high quality TPU in your soccer ball's casing to ensure it stands up to Mother Nature.

Consult your local league to find out the regulation size of soccer balls. No standard exists across all leagues. Manufacturers produce balls sized for soccer players of different ages. A size 3 ball is suitable for ages 8 and under, a size 4 ball is suitable for ages 8 to 12, and a size 5 ball is suitable for ages 13 and older, including adult players.

Check out the DICK'S Sporting Goods' soccer ball buyer's guide for more information on making the right selection.