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Learn More About Softball Gloves & Mitts

Light Up the Field: Learn More About Softball Gloves

Game-ready and totally playable: Discover the right softball glove for your game.

Your softball glove is larger and longer than a traditional baseball glove-a design that better accommodates the larger softball. A quality leather or synthetic material provides a supple, lightweight feel that both protects the hand and grips the ball.

Look for quality craftsmanship in your softball glove-optimized for secure fit, feel and maneuvering. From outfielder to pitcher, look for specialized features that support your performance on the field.

Softball gloves are available in a variety of materials. Younger, more inexperienced players should opt for a synthetic leather glove, which is easy to close and requires no break-in time.

Shop popular softball brands for slowpitch and fastpitch gloves, including Easton®, Rawlings®, Mizuno® and Louisville Slugger®.

Find the perfect glove with the help of our Softball Glove Buying Guide.

Play like an all-star when you shop the USA softball gear collection. Find baseball gloves, batting gloves, hats in red, white and blue.

The right softball glove helps your game. Light up the field with a softball glove designed with the features you need.

Think about the construction of your softball glove: Your glove is made up of a wrist closure, webbing and a pocket.

A wrist closure secures the glove to your hand. Some gloves are constructed with an "open back," or a space above the wrist strap. Open-back constructions promote mobility and better turnaround on plays.

Gloves with a closed-back design provide enhanced strength and support. Many outfielders prefer this type of glove and use the finger hole of the closed-back glove for catching fly balls.

The webbing enables to you catch and hold onto the softball. Webbing connects the thumb to the glove's fingers. Webbing is available in two distinct designs-open and closed. Open webbing is loosely weaved into a cross pattern, with spaces large enough to see through. An open design gives you better visibility when getting under a pop-up ball. A closed-web glove construction provides reinforced strength and support for hard catches.

The pocket of your softball glove is the indentation in the palm. This part of the glove is built to hold the ball until you retrieve it. The depth of your pocket matters-this feature impacts how long you hold the ball and how long it takes you to transfer the ball to the next player. Deeper pockets are great for catching fly balls, but shallow pockets are better suited for fast plays.

Softened, oil-treated leather offers a game-ready feel out of the box and a minimal little break-in period. Experienced players love the feel and protection of a premium leather or Pro Series leather softball glove. These gloves are designed for enhanced feel and durability, though they require a specific break-in period.

Always ensure your softball glove comes with a soft, padded lining along the palm, which provides grip and extra protection. Get in the game with the full softball equipment collection here at DICK'S Sporting Goods. Learn how to choose the best gear and other helpful softball-related information when you explore our Softball Resource Center.

Softball Glove Size Charts

Fastpitch Softball Glove Size Chart
Under 711.5"8"-10.5"8"-10.5"9"-11"29.5"-30"8"-10.5"

Slowpitch Softball Glove Size Chart