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Learn More About SOLE Treadmills

SOLE® Treadmills for Top-Notch Training

Bring your run indoors and save big on SOLE treadmills from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

With its durable, sturdy construction, your SOLE treadmill will provide you with a safe way to train for a variety of sports and activities without the hassle of heading to the gym.

SOLE treadmills are engineered to provide the runner with smooth, natural walking or running movement during their indoor workout. Look for easy-to-program fitness options that will keep you challenged as you strive toward your goals. With vibrant, easy-to-read display on your console, you can adjust your speed or incline to step up or slow down the intensity of your workout.

When selecting cardio equipment like treadmills, consider the room where you will work out on your treadmill. SOLE treadmills are available in space-saving compact designs that you can fold for easy storage in your home.

Learn More About SOLE Treadmills

The right treadmill will give you everything you need for a superior workout in the comfort of your own home. Look for SOLE treadmills that are designed with a thick belt to cushion your step and provide greater shock absorption for your joints. A wide deck on your treadmill will ensure you can move comfortably as you train.

Your treadmill by SOLE is designed to keep you challenged during your training with a user-friendly display that enables you to customize your workout. Easy-to-modify features include incline and speed on the treadmill, so you can make the most of your indoor run.

A SOLE treadmill can also provide you with real-time feedback on your training. Features such as speed, distance, heart rate, pace, laps and much more are available on a bright console screen, so you can ensure you're meeting your fitness goals.

Comfort is key while training on your treadmill. Look for built-in fans to keep you cool during your workout and wear running clothes that fit comfortably and allow breathability.

You can work out safely at home with SOLE. An emergency shut-off switch will stop the machine if you fall off or become too tired.

SOLE treadmills are engineered for durability. The machine's sturdy frame and wide deck will allow you to move freely during your run. SOLE treadmills are also constructed with high-powered motors that deliver a strong output and performance during your workout.