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Train with the Best Small Punching Bags

Browse DICK'S Sporting Goods today, and find a boxing speed bag for sale. With a speed bag or double end bag, you will have a piece of equipment that will help you practice numerous skills. Speed bags are ideal for working on your rhythm, strength and of course, stamina. Whether you are setting up a speed punching bag in your home workout area, adding some boxing gear to your commercial fitness center or upgrading old equipment in your boxing gym, you will find these designs are up to the task.

Made by industry-leading brands, you can count on a speed bag for workout after workout. Learn the fundamentals of this challenging sport or hone your skills before a match with your rival. Keep your eyes on the prize and train hard.

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Discover Premium Speed Punching Bag

With a small punching bag from DICK'S Sporting Goods, you will have a wonderful piece of training gear that can help you build strength and stamina, whether you are a fighter or an athlete in another sport. From the soccer pitch to the gridiron to the diamond or the pool, training hard with these bags can make a difference. Here are some design perks of speed bags:

  • Consistent Response: Designed for a consistent response, you will find it is easy to get into rhythm.
  • Durable Construction: Engineered to take a beating, day in and day out, a well-made punching bag can handle the rigors of a tough training session.
  • Easy to Install: Choose from standard hanging bags, combo packages that come with a platform and double end designs that attach to both the ceiling and floor.

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