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Dive in with Speedo® Swim Goggles

Gain an edge in the water with Speedo® swim goggles.

Dive in with one of the most trusted names in swim—Speedo® goggles are designed for performance in the water. Select from Speedo® adult and youth swim goggles with a variety of features and constructions to meet your needs as a swimmer.

Speedo® goggles are engineered for an adaptive, low-profile fit that feels comfortable during wear. And a remarkable no-seep construction ensures water will never penetrate your Speedo® goggles.

Your swim goggles should offer distraction-free performance in the water. Mirror-coated Speedo® goggles minimize glare caused by fog and light, while a panoramic lens delivers improved peripheral vision. If you're swimming outdoors, look for goggles treated to shield out UV rays.

A goggle's profile indicates how far it protrudes from the swimmer's face. Goggles are classified by low or high profile design. For speed and aerodynamics in the water, seek out a sleek, low-profile design from Speedo®.

Speedo® swim goggles are available in single and split straps. Soft, comfortable seals around the lenses safeguard eyes against water seepage.

Keep in mind a polycarbonate lens design. This feature ensures your lenses are nearly shatter-proof for complete peace of mind in the water.