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Learn More About Speedo Water Shoes

Enjoy a Watery Adventure with Speedo® Swim Shoes

Shop this collection of premium Speedo water shoes from DICK'S Sporting Goods, and discover footwear that is made to provide grip and protection while you wade in the shallows. Whatever aquatic adventures you may be embarking on, you will find that Speedo shoes are uniquely suited for the environment.

Made from lightweight materials that will not absorb excess water, Speedo swim shoes won't bog you down while your feet are submerged and will dry out quickly once you are back on land. They feature rubber outsoles that are specially designed for slippery surfaces like wet rocks or the deck of a boat. Of course, they may also spare your feet from cuts and scratches caused by a sharp object.

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Find Your Ideal Speedo Water Shoe

In this collection at DICK'S Sporting Goods, you will find a number of well-designed kids', men's and women's Speedo shoes. Every model from this line is great for wear on the boardwalk, beach or banks of a river. Choosing the right style for you has more to do with selecting a size that fits and a color that suits your personality. Here are some benefits of wearing Speedo water shoes:

  • Breathability: Shoes from this selection feature a breathable upper that will help your feet feel cool as you stroll on sizzling hot sand.
  • Lightweight Feel: Designed to not absorb excess water, footwear from Speedo feels lightweight in the ocean, lake or on land.
  • Improved Grip: Specially designed outer soles provide improved traction on a number of surfaces when compared with bare feet.
  • Protection: Sharp rocks, coral, shells or old fishing hooks can ruin a beach day pretty quickly. Help keep your feet safe.

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