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Sports Accessories: Learn About Athletic Tape & Wrap

From practice to play, the latest athletic tape and wrap offers valuable support for many athletes. Popular among many athletes, kinesiology tape is believed to help relieve common athletic injuries.

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Runners, gym-goers and athletes of all sorts might benefit from kinesiology tape. Athletic tape can be used to help support weak, sore or injured muscles. Many athletes also use tape to strengthen their equipment for the playing field. Athletic tape can also be used to keep pads, socks and ice packs in place.

These stretchable, adhesive cotton or synthetic strips are placed over sore spots during or after your workout. Many types of kinesiology tape are breathable, durable and waterproof, so you can move and work up a sweat with confidence. For extra support, shop sport braces and support.

Consult product information for the specifics on your athletic tape. Many different types of tape are designed for easy application, with an removable adhesive that won't pull or leave behind residue. Some brands of tape come with a skin-prepping spray for ease of use.

A textured finish helps you get a better grip on your lacrosse stick or baseball bat. Choose a tape in your favorite color or team hue and make your mark on your game.

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What Is Kinesiology Tape, Anyway?