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St. Croix Mojo Trout Fly Rods
    St. Croix Mojo Trout Fly Rods


    $214.99 - $220.00*

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    St. Croix Rods for Performance on the Water

    Head to the shore with performance-crafted St. Croix fishing rods.

    From freshwater at the lake to the salty air of the seashore, find equipment best-suited for your environment, game fish and skill level. St. Croix rods, reels and accessories are designed with the latest angling technology, so you can bring in your catch with ease.

    Relish your time by the water with gear from this leading fishing brand. Explore the collection:

    Looking for more? Shop the entire collection of fishing rods from DICK'S Sporting Goods so you can reel in a big one.

    Find the Right St. Croix Fishing Rod for You

    Get advanced design and performance with traditional craftsmanship. St. Croix fishing rods offer the right balance of strength and sensitivity on the water. From high-performance bass rods to distance-maximizing saltwater models, shop the entire St. Croix collection.

    Keep these details in mind:

    • Fiberglass rods are great for beginners. They require little maintenance and offer adequate strength on the water.
    • Advanced anglers often go for graphite rods, which blend superior strength with lightweight feel. These agile rods perform well in most fishing situations.
    • St. Croix rods are classified by their power. Select from rods ranging from ultra-light to ultra-heavy power. Different rod powers help you handle a specific range of lure weights and line sizes. For example, a saltwater angler may opt for a rod with increased power.
    • The action of your rod denotes where it flexes along the bank. Fast-action rods flex near the tip, while slow-action rods flex in the butt section.

    St. Croix fishing rods can be categorized as casting, conventional and spinning rods.

    • St. Croix Casting/Conventional Rods: Designed to have the reel and guides on the top, casting rods are effective for anglers looking to cast several hundred times during a fishing trip.
    • St. Croix Spinning Rods: Ranges in length from 5 to 8 feet, positioning the reel and guides on the bottom of the pole to provide smooth, accurate casts.
    • St. Croix Saltwater Casting/Conventional Rods: The reel and line are located on top of the rod, and the trigger grip lets you securely clutch the rod while releasing the thumb bar.