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Learn More About Stand-Up Paddle Boards


Paddle On: Stand-Up Paddle Boards for Your Next Adventure

Relax on the water with a paddle board. Try an on-the-water yoga class or just explore calm waters ahead-stand-up paddle boarding is a great full-body workout for people of all fitness levels.

Find everything you need to get started-the right paddle board, paddle and other accessories. Your stand-up paddle board should deliver a smooth, stable ride, whether you're working out or relaxing.

Select from a variety of features, styles and materials for the board and paddle that are right for you. Shop trusted water sports brands, like Imagine® Pelican®, Aquaglide®, Connelly® and Sea Eagle®.

Looking for more? Pick up a stand-up paddle board paddle or browse the full collection of water sports equipment at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Expert Advice

Stand-up paddle boards resemble oversized surf boards, but these vessels aren't designed for taking on surf. While advanced boarders sometimes use their paddle board to catch waves, most riders take on rivers or lakes with their board.

Narrower stand-up paddle boards tend to be more agile, but a wider board is great for beginners. Look for features that help you make the most of your day at the water. A no-slip texturized deck helps provide sure-footed traction, while durable carry handles help you transport your board to the water.

Select from aluminum, carbon or fiberglass paddles. Stay safe on the water with the full collection of life vests at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Before you can begin your adventure, you'll need to learn how to stand up on your board.

Your feet should be parallel and a hips-width apart. Center your feet between the board's edges with feet facing forward. Riders must learn how to balance themselves with their hips-rather than their upper body.

Keep your head and shoulders steady and look upward at the horizon. Only shift your weight by moving your hips. To paddle to the right, position your right hand lower on the paddle and your left hand on the grip. Keep your arms straight and twist hips as you paddle.

Strokes should remain smooth, short and steady. As you gain momentum, it will be easier to gain balance on the board. When you switch to the left side, reposition your hand so that your left hand is lower on the paddle.

Use a sidestroke or back-paddle to maneuver turns. You can simply paddle on one side of the board until the nose turns in that direction. Or you can drag paddle backward on either side of the board to move in that direction.


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