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See Your Prey Before They See You With Summit® Treestands

Hunt from higher ground and give yourself the upper hand. Hunting from a strategically placed treestand will give you greater visibility and more clear shots. Also, a hunter in a treestand is less likely to be noticed by a deer or other prey, adding an important layer of stealth. Summit® treestands from DICK's Sporting Goods are designed to give you these advantages and provide maximum levels of comfort and ease of use. From lightweight and quick-setup models, to larger treestands designed to give hunters multiple angles from which to shoot, Summit® treestands are built to be strong and silent.

Treestand accessories from Summit® include climbing rope, safety harnesses and seat and footrest upgrades. Climb safe and stay comfortable throughout the hunt. A patient hunter is a successful hunter, and patience comes easier when the hunter is comfortable and secure. Make your next hunt a success with Summit® treestands and treestand accessories from DICK's Sporting Goods.

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Get the comfortable coverage and viewpoint you need with Summit® treestands. To find the stand that's right for you, consider these factors:

  • Weight Limit: All treestands come with a weight limit and you should always consult product information before making your purchase.
  • Climbing Or Non-Climbing Stands: Hang-on stands, sometimes called lock-on treestands, are both versatile and popular—not to mention lightweight and relatively easy to set up. Climb-on stands are reached by a simple ladder, but are larger, requiring additional set-up time and effort. Climbing stands make mobile run and gun set-ups fast and easy. They do, however, require a straight tree with no branches for installation.
  • Stands can come outfitted with additional platform space, a larger seat and even multidirectional seating, but these components can add extra bulk to your stand. If you'll be hiking over a distance, you may want to consider a lighter stand.
  • Safety Features: Summit® treestands are outfitted with a proprietary four-point fall arrest system with a harness and a safety strap. The brand also offers a variety of safety harnesses and accessories. Summit® stands are constructed of heavy, industrial-grade steel for maximum strength and durability.
  • Hunting Locale: Experienced hunters know that it's all about location. If you're hunting in a densely wooded area, it's easy to find a spot for your tree stand. But in brush or swamp country, your options may be limited.

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