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Learn More About Swim Goggles

Learn More About Performance Swim Goggles for Men, Women & Kids

The right swimming goggles could be the difference-maker your season needs. Dive in with a pair designed for performance.

Explore the swimming goggles collection at DICK'S Sporting Goods:

You don't have to be a competitive swimmer benefit from technical goggles. Quality swimming goggles can enhance your water aerobics workout, or help you make a splash in the backyard pool.

The latest swimming goggles are crafted for a light, low-profile fit that safeguards against water seepage. And you can match your personal style with goggles in a variety of designs and hues. Find your next pair from popular swimming brands, including Speedo®, Nike®, TYR® and Dolphin®.

Your goggles should provide confidence-inspiring performance in the water. Consider these factors when making your selection:

  • Color: The color of your lenses impacts your level of clarity. Clear lenses provides better visibility in low-light conditions, while blue and mirrored lenses filter light for better vision where glare is present. Amber provides added color contrast and reduces glare.
  • Material: Most swim goggles are designed with a crack-resistant fabric, like polycarbonate. Certain high-grade plastics reduce distortion for clarity under water. A no-seep construction shields against water—so you can focus on the race. Some swimmers may choose goggles designed with a hypoallergenic silicone.
  • Size: Low-profile goggles minimize drag in the water. The profile of your goggles denotes how far the set protrudes from your face. Sleek, low-profile goggles feel lightweight yet secure against your face.
  • Coating: Anti-fog coating on your swimming goggles prevents the lenses from clouding while you're racing to the finish. Outdoor swimmers should choose lenses treated with a UV-resistant finish for added protection against the sun's rays.

Most lenses are made from durable polycarbonate. This innovative material is nearly shatter-proof and sets the standard for athletic eyewear. It can, however, produce some distortion. Swimmers who need greater clarity in the water may opt for a higher-grade plastic.

Swim goggles that feature a split strap often offer the best fit. A split strap creates triangular-shaped tension between the strap and goggle, maximizing fit in the water.

For many swimmers, customization is key. Look for goggles with an easy-to-adjust strap and interchangeable nose pieces.