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Learn More About Swimming Flippers & Snorkel Fins

Dive In: Swim Training Fins

From women's competitive swimming to men's training suits, swim and snorkeling fins are a great way to boost your underwater workout.

Training fins are designed to increase leg strength-particularly in the underdeveloped muscles in the back of the leg. Achieve better race position and refine stroke technique, even increase flexibility through the use of fitness fin training.

Select from adult and youth swim fins in a variety of styles for your conditioning. Browse popular brands, including Cressi® and TYR®.

Increase your aerobic capacity. Your leg muscles are the largest in your body, and conditioning them at an elevated level boosts both strength and heart health.

That's where swimming flippers come in. Sporting a pair of fins during your regular swim targets and tones leg muscles and cardiovascular health. Consider these factors when selecting your fins:

Heal Strap vs. Full-Foot Strap:

  • A full foot pocket fin feels like a natural extension of the foot. More power is transferred from the leg to the thrust of the fin as you swim.
  • A fitness fin with a heel strap allows for quick adjustments in the water.


  • Think about the material and design of your fin.
  • Fins typically breakdown by splitting at the heel or tearing at the toe pocket. Ensure your fin is made of quality rubber, with a thick wall around the heel and instep.


  • Comfort is key when selecting your fitness fin.
  • Fins designed to be soft and flexible in the foot pocket will not chafe, irritate or cramp your foot while you're swimming.

Performance is why we use training fins in the water. Your fin should provide adequate resistance, or surface area, to give you your desired workout without overloading your leg muscles and connective tissue.

When training for competitive swimming, your fins should allow you to maintain race pace with only a moderate amount of your normal race effort. Look for a fin that provides equal thrust in both directions. Freestyle and backstroke require similar effort in the forward and backward part of the kick.

Many swimmers prefer to wear their fins on the deck and enter the pool from a ladder or steps. Look for a fin with a substantial non-skin pattern on the bottom.