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Tackle Boxes: Compartments & Storage for Your Next Fishing Trip

Pack up in fishing tackle boxes, tackle backpacks and other storage options.

Keep all of your tools organized in tackle boxes designed with specialized compartments and shelves. Stow away baits, lures and hooks with confidence in tackle containers that are waterproof, worm-proof and weather-resistant.

Kids' tackle boxes offer easy-to-carry compact storage options for young anglers. Waist packs keep all your tools within easy reach, while dry bags and cases ensure essential items stay dry aboard your boat. Make the most of your day in the marsh with creel bags, designed for fly anglers.

Traditional-style tackle boxes are built with sturdy handles and hinges and a reinforced frame. For easy utility on the water, look for a clear plastic tackle box. Beginning anglers might opt for a tackle box that comes complete with hooks, bait and lure, while more experienced anglers may need a more specialized box to house a diverse collection of tackle.

The most common style of tackle box has a tray box, resembling a portable tool kit with a hard, rectangular case. Draw-style tackle boxes easily slide out for convenience.

Pick up fishing tackle boxes from top brands, like Flambeau®, Plano® and Dry Pak®,