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Learn More About TaylorMade Drivers

Revolutionize your long game with TaylorMade drivers from DICK'S Sporting Goods. DICK'S carries a full selection of TaylorMade drivers for men and women, available for right- and left-handed players. The TaylorMade drivers in this collection feature lofts from 9 degrees up to 13.5 degrees and offer a full range of shaft-flex options.

TaylorMade is constantly pushing the limits of innovation, working to give you more speed, more distance and more accuracy every time you tee it up. Learn more about the top-sellers in our TaylorMade driver line.

  • M5 & M6 Drivers: The M5 and M6 are the latest additions to the TaylorMade driver family — and they are the fastest yet. Each M5 and M6 driver head actually starts out beyond the legal limits for speed. TaylorMade then injects a proprietary resin into two ports on the clubface, which lowers spring-like effect and brings the club back within legal range — but as close as possible to the limit. The M5 is currently played by Tour stars Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson and Jon Rahm, while Jason Day has the M6 in his bag.
  • M3 & M4 Drivers: Released in 2018, the M3 and M4 drivers were the first to feature TaylorMade's TwistFace Technology, a new face curvature designed to reduce sidespin and produce straighter shots. The M3 driver offers straight distance and unmatched personalization, while the M4 driver provides maximum forgiveness.
  • M2 Drivers: Released in 2017, the M2 maintains the highest customer rating of any TaylorMade driver available at DICK'S. A heavy, fixed back weight places the CG extremely low and back for a blend of speed and high-launching playability.

It's been 40 years since TaylorMade produced its first metalwood — the iconic Pittsburgh Persimmon™. To celebrate this milestone, TaylorMade has released the Original One Mini Driver. Despite its throwback look, the Original One is packed with advanced technology, including a tri-material construction, the distance-enhancing Speed Pocket, an adjustable loft sleeve, and corrective Twist-Face. The shorter shaft (43.75 inches) and 275-cc head make the club easier to control than a standard driver. The club will give skilled players more freedom to create shots off the tee and even in the fairway, while high-handicappers may find the club more forgiving than a 3-wood.

Stay on top of the latest TaylorMade releases with the Golf Launch Calendar.

Buying Tips

Consider the following before selecting your new TaylorMade driver.

  • Loft: A higher loft promotes a higher launch angle, which can translate to greater distance. TaylorMade drivers allow players to tune the driver's loft for a game that matches their technique.
  • Shaft flex: Selecting the right shaft flex maximizes distance and accuracy. Players with a slower swing speed should utilize a driver with a more flexible shaft. Players with a higher swing speed should opt for a stiffer shaft.
  • Weight: Golf drivers that are lighter in weight promote more club head speed and distance.

For more buying tips, check out our article on how to choose a golf driver.