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Learn More About TaylorMade SIM2 Clubs

Experience the evolution of shape in motion with TaylorMade SIM2 clubs from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Learn more about the latest advancements in SIM2 drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons.

SIM2 Drivers

The key upgrade on SIM2 is Forged Ring Technology, which is the blue material you see lining the perimeter of the driver. Made from precision-milled aluminum, the Forged Ring creates a much stronger bond between the crown, sole, face and rear to promote faster ball speed and higher moment of inertia (MOI).

While the blue Forged Ring is eye-catching, there is another new element that is hidden from view. That would be the back of the SIM2 driver face, which TaylorMade has precision-milled for the first time in order to expand the sweet spot and increase ball speed across the entire hitting area.

TaylorMade has also brought back some of the features that made the original SIM drivers so popular. The Inertia Generator the angled keel at the back of the club promotes optimum aerodynamic performance during crucial moments of the swing. For players, that means faster swings and longer distance.

Speed Injected TwistFace technology is also back for the new season. The unique TwistFace design helps correct two of the most common types of mis-hits: contact off the high toe and low heel of the face. The face is strategically curved in these two areas to help reduce the sidespin that carries shots off target. Each face is then speed injected with a proprietary resin to bring it as close as possible to the legal limit for spring-like effect. Basically, more spring equals more speed. However, while there were previously two speed-injection ports on the front of the clubface, you'll notice that the SIM2 has a single port on the toe.

Which SIM2 driver is best for you? Learn more about the three models available at DICK'S:

Standard SIM2 Driver: Best for players with higher swing speeds who want low launch and low spin.

SIM2 Max: The most-forgiving SIM2 driver features 24g of tungsten weighting in the back to create higher launch with moderate spin.

SIM2 Max Draw: With the Inertia Generator positioned towards the heel of the club, the SIM2 Max Draw has a lower, deeper center of gravity to help players produce draw-biased ball flight.

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SIM2 Fairway Woods

Players can choose from three variations of SIM2 fairway woods, each designed to suit different swing tendencies:

The SIM2 Ti fairway is designed for low spin and mid launch, with a Tour-inspired 170cc head that will likely appeal to skilled players. The Ti is the only SIM2 fairway featuring a titanium face and loft sleeve for enhanced speed and maximum control over shot trajectory.

The SIM2 Max fairway is an extra-forgiving club that can help players achieve higher launch off the tee or turf. The 190cc head is made to inspire confidence at address, while the upgraded V-Steel sole design features depressions in the heel and toe to help the club glide through grass.

The SIM2 Max Draw fairway is very similar to the Max, but, as the name suggests, it is designed to promote draw-biased ball flight for players who slice often. It also features a slightly larger 195cc face, while player-friendly lofts can help you hit it high and long.

SIM2 Rescue Hybrids

TaylorMade is offering two versions of the SIM2 hybrids. Both share several features with the fairways, including the V-Steel sole for optimum turf interaction as well as TwistFace technology to correct the most common mis-hits.

The SIM2 Max Rescue hybrid is geared towards average players who could use extra forgiveness. The club offers the wood-like appearance of a traditional hybrid.

The SIM2 Rescue hybrid offers players something unique in a hybrid. The compact shape gives players iron-like performance with incredible workability, and the adjustable 1.5-degree loft sleeve provides unprecedented control over trajectory.

SIM2 Irons

As with the hybrids, TaylorMade has released two versions of SIM2 irons the SIM2 Max and the SIM2 Max OS. Both share an array of features to help players attack every pin with confidence.

The key advancement is the new Cap Back Design. The blend of stainless steel and lightweight polymers supports the topline from heel to toe, which ultimately allows the lower part of the clubface to flex more to enhance distance, feel and forgiveness.

A common issue with game-improvement irons is that, because more mass is often concentrated towards the toe, shots tend to head right (opposite for lefties). Obviously, that's not ideal for players who already need more forgiveness. That's where TaylorMade's Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) comes into play. ICT allows TaylorMade to optimize forgiveness and minimize side spin to promote the neutral ball flight players need.

As for sound and feel, both SIM2 irons feature the ECHO Damping System to help eliminate unwanted vibration to provide the feedback of a forged iron.

So those are the similarities. Now, how are they different?

The Standard SIM2 Max is a traditional game-improvement iron, while the SIM2 Max OS (oversized) is a super-game-improvement iron designed for maximum forgiveness and the highest launch.

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