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Hone Your Game: Tennis Ball Machines

Fine tune your stroke with the help of state-of-the-art tennis machines from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Tennis machines are a must-have for competitive players. Improve your fundamentals and agility and cut down your reaction time with these game-changing tools. Get the rigorous workout you crave with machines that sweep the ball horizontally and serve up both deep and short shots.

The latest tennis ball machines are compact and designed for simple use. Select from a variety of features from trusted tennis brand Lobster Sports®.

Expert Advice

Step up your training regimen with the tennis ball machine that's right for you. Consider these basic factors when making your purchase:

  • Propulsion: Select from machines that propel the ball with air or spinning wheels. Consult product information for specifics on your machine's top speed and spin.
  • Oscillation: This factor describes your machine's ability to serve the ball in more than one direction. Random oscillation feeds balls in no particularly order and in a variety of directions, while programmable oscillation allows you to set routines and cycles.
  • Size: Where will you house your new tennis ball machine and will you be transporting to the court? Select from a variety of sizes and ergonomic designs for the machine that suits you.

Always consult product information for specifics on your tennis ball machine. Keep in mind maximum ball speeds and ball capacity.

Lobster Sports® tennis ball machines are engineered to serve the ball at narrow and wide variable depths. Triple oscillation sweeps shots in horizontal and vertical motions, challenging all your strokes. You can even get practice on overheads with elevation shots that lob the ball high.

Best off all, many Lobster Sports® tennis ball machines are designed with extended battery life for long-lasting play. Keep practice going with a Lobster Sports® tennis ball machine charger or external battery pack.

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